A Winning Strategy? We’ll find out soon…

April 27, 2012   |   Posted in   by  

As many of you know, Apartment List was recently nominated for a Webby Award in the Real Estate category.

As a newcomer up against formidable foes, we were compelled to run a unique election campaign: Rather than tipping off the competition about our popularity during the early days of the contest, we saved our best for last. We asked our friends to resist confirming their email and  to INSTEAD forward their confirmation emails to us, which enabled us to confirm the votes during the final hours of the contest.

I’d like to thank all Apartment List supporters who cast a vote for us in the Webby Awards. I’d also like to thank our rockstar team of designers, programmers and marketers that built this site into the world-class product it is today. If we ultimately reign victorious and win the People’s Choice Webby, we owe this victory to all of you. The Webby Awards will reveal the winners on May 1st – we’ll let you know how it turns out.

I hope the below video inspires all underdogs out there. May the most Webbylicious real estate site win!

Lillian Smith

Director of Content at Apartment List

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