Mission Chic: Fully-Furnished Suite at 240 Cumberland in San Francisco

July 08, 2015            ,


Challenging to find a great apartment in San Francisco?  You’re right, that was a silly question.  BUT, what if you were able to move into a fully furnished, custom-designed, one-of-a-kind apartment?  Not a silly answer because that is exactly what Apartment List, RentSFNow, and F2Design are bringing to San Francisco renters. Nestled between two historic neighborhoods, the 240 Cumberland building is located just steps from the newly renovated ...

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Tropical Jungle: One-of-a-Kind Apartment at 240 Cumberland in San Francisco

July 08, 2015            ,

first pic

Finding an apartment is hard work in San Francisco today. Finding an apartment and making it livable is even more work. So Apartment List has found a way to help! We are partners with RentSFNow, San Francisco’s leading provider of rental apartments, and F2Design, in creating a remarkable San Francisco living experience. And it's a fully furnished apartment. Nestled between two historic neighborhoods, the 240 Cumberland building is located just steps ...

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What’s Awesome and What Drives Us Crazy about Swift

July 01, 2015           


No, not that Swift. Swift, the new programming language from Apple, was announced last year at WWDC. In September, we decided to redesign our iPhone app with dramatic changes to the user experience. The timing was perfect to go all in on Swift and it’s been an exciting ride, with many ups and downs. Swift has a much cleaner syntax (no need for goshdarnblocksyntax.com), encourages safer coding practices, and opens a lot of possibilities with ...

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Apartment List Partners with RentSFNow

April 29, 2015           


Apartment List is happy to announce its newest partnership with RentSFNow, one of the largest real estate leasing agencies in the Bay Area. RentSFNow has over 150 properties in more than twenty neighborhoods in San Francisco, making it the ideal leasing agency to help you find your next home. Whether it’s a studio or a three-bedroom apartment, RentSFNow has made applying for an apartment easy and convenient with their online search and application ...

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Never Have I Ever, Property Management Style

March 13, 2015           

Never Have I Ever

Managing a property comes with its fair share of ups and downs. And, while the uplifting moments do deserve positive attention, we'd like to take a quick moment to acknowledge some of the more comical (and all-too-common) property management horror stories. If you don't know what you're in for, prepare to be shocked and amused. If you're well-versed in the ways of property management, start counting fingers. Never Have I Ever been yelled at ...

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