The Files Are In The Computer!

December 18, 2014           


You may be asking yourself what this ridiculous Zoolander quote (that’s become a rallying cry among nerds far and wide) possibly has to do with multifamily marketing. Great question. When we say “the files are in the computer”, what we mean is the data is in your core property management software system, likely in some server farm in rural Idaho, assuming you’ve made the leap from on-premise to the cloud. But, I digress. PMS providers like ...

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Cooking up Code and Cuisine

December 17, 2014           


Editors Note: The following post was written by one of our rockstar software engineers, Heidi Galbraith. When Heidi isn't cooking up code here at Apartment List you can find her perfecting her culinary techniques (and often sharing the fruits of her labors with fellow A Listers!). With the holidays around the corner, we asked Heidi if she could whip up a blog post with some of her best recipes for you to enjoy. Happy Cooking and Bon Appetit! The 9x13 ...

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Separate and Unequal: The Case for Responsive Design

December 16, 2014           


Responsive design is all the rage these days. When done right, it is worthy of the hype. But doing it right involves more than just creating interfaces that respond to the capabilities and size of the device. Sure, a responsive web application will change how it is displayed based on the screen size, but, more importantly, a responsive web application will offer the same set of features and provide the same information regardless of the device used to ...

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Learn How Greystar Increased Its Recorded Lead Volume by 274% Overnight!

November 17, 2014           


Updated at 1:00pm on Tuesday, November 18th to clarify the meaning behind any outrageous claims made in the ensuing post. Yes, you read the captivating headline correctly. Yes, Greystar increased its reported lead volume by 274% overnight and is bragging about it on our blog. This is happening. Of course, Greystar didn't increase its actual lead volume by 274%. In what may or may not be the words of former SportsCenter anchor Keith Olbermann, "that ...

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Announcing Apartment List’s Leadership Council

November 16, 2014           

SAN FRANCISCO – November 17, 2014 – Apartment List is thrilled to announce its inaugural Leadership Council. This council  represents a hand selected group of thought leaders within the apartment industry. These individuals are a trusted group of executives with extensive experience in multifamily housing whose advice informs the way we build our products and services. “We actively solicit the insight, candid feedback, and support from leaders ...

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A Game of Clones: The Online Rental Industry is Keen to Consolidate but Reluctant to Innovate

November 12, 2014           


The online rental industry’s iron throne is coveted by mature incumbents and upstarts alike.Credit: If you’re anything like me, you’re enduring a severe entertainment drought in anticipation of HBO’s April 2015 premier of Game of Thrones Season 5. In the meantime, we’re left to follow the analogous evolution of our industry. Like Westeros, the online rental world is full of scandalous intrigue, unlikely strategic alliances, and ...

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