9 Surprising Statistics About Living with Your Sweetheart

February 11, 2014           

We surveyed 1,200 of our users about their experiences living with their significant others. Here are the results.

#1 – The Longer You Date, The Worse Your Fate
Couples who dated for more than 4 years prior to moving in together were 54% more likely to be be unhappy in their current living situation. Our data suggests that the less time a couple spends dating before moving in, the happier they will be.

Wait a second…

#2 – Women Have 4,248%* More Toiletries in the Shower Than Men
*estimate is approximate but you know it’s true…
Does she really need 3 types of face lotion, 2 loofahs, AND a “lavender-eucalyptus sea salt exfoliating serum (for normal to dry skin)”?

How she feels

How he feels

#3 – When You Know, You Know
63% of couples dated for only one year before moving in together.

Think that’s fast?

A shocking 34% of couples surveyed dated for only 6 months (!!!) before moving in together.

#4 – Honey, I’m Home!
Men admit that the #1 way they can be a better roommate is to adapt their schedules for more face time with their boo.

#5 – “Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? Oh, I dunno, I sing in the shower? Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering.”
Ironically, when we asked the ladies what they could do to be a better roommate, the #1 response was: “Nothing, I’m the perfect roommate!”

#6 – (House)keeping the Peace
According to our survey, household chores are the number one source of fights on the home front, even more so than remote control issues, toilet seat wars, and mismatched sleep schedules.

The solution? Buy a robot.

#7 – Toilet Wars
Not surprisingly, women were 80% more likely to cite toilet seat wars as a source of contention. Men’s complaint: “every single woman I’ve ever been with somehow manages to go through toilet paper like there’s a bacon-wrapped rainbow at the end of each roll.” (via Damon Young)

#8 – Joined at the Hip
Over 30% of couples we surveyed admit to being “joined at the hip” and spending all their free time with one another.

#9 – Coming Out of the Closet
Men secretly admit that plenty of closet space is the key to successful cohabitation. Loads of closet space was cited by men as the number one recommendation for cohabitating.

Not surprisingly, the women agree…

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