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May 01, 2012           

In response to today’s false accusations, we felt compelled to elaborate upon the Webby strategy described in last week’s post. To clarify, this strategy yielded us around one thousand votes during the waning hours of the contest (rather than hundreds of thousands, as was implied by one commenter). According to the Webby award FAQ:

“If you really want your favorite site, film, ad or app to win, make sure you spread the word and get your network to vote as well.”

We took this suggestion to heart and kicked off multiple initiatives to tap into our extended network. We asked our users for their support, launched a viral video campaign and a twitter marketing campaign. We also tapped into the relationships developed by some of our closest advisors including Denis Grosz whose websites were visited by over 150 million people last year.

Yes, we benefitted from an eleventh-hour eBay-esque bidding strategy in the waning hours of the competition – that was our strategy to prevent competitors from reacting (too bad the cats outta the bag for next year!). If it wasn’t enough, then we’ll be the first to congratulate the winner on its achievement.

Regardless of the contest outcome, we’re committed to simplifying the painful process of apartment hunting. We’re humbled by

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the user growth we’ve enjoyed since our September 2011 beta launch (Compete.com traffic graph below), and we look forward to continued growth in 2012 and beyond.

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