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Mission Chic: Fully-Furnished Suite at 240 Cumberland in San Francisco

July 08, 2015

Challenging to find a great apartment in San Francisco?  You’re right, that was a silly question.  BUT, what if you were able to move into a fully furnished, custom-designed, one-of-a-kind apartment?  Not a silly answer because that is exactly what Apartment List, RentSFNow, and F2Design are bringing to San Francisco renters. Nestled between two historic neighborhoods, the 240 Cumberland building is located just steps from the newly ...

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Tropical Jungle: One-of-a-Kind Apartment at 240 Cumberland in San Francisco

July 08, 2015

Finding an apartment is hard work in San Francisco today. Finding an apartment and making it livable is even more work. So Apartment List has found a way to help! We are partners with RentSFNow, San Francisco’s leading provider of rental apartments, and F2Design, in creating a remarkable San Francisco living experience. And it's a fully furnished apartment. Nestled between two historic neighborhoods, the 240 Cumberland building is located ...

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Cooking up Code and Cuisine

December 17, 2014

Editors Note: The following post was written by one of our rockstar software engineers, Heidi Galbraith. When Heidi isn't cooking up code here at Apartment List you can find her perfecting her culinary techniques (and often sharing the fruits of her labors with fellow A Listers!). With the holidays around the corner, we asked Heidi if she could whip up a blog post with some of her best recipes for you to enjoy. Happy Cooking and Bon Appetit! ...

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5 Easy Ways to Go Solar in Your Rental

August 11, 2014

Apartment living may not seem like the best option for an eco-enthusiast. After all, you can't often make changes to a multi-unit home. Despite these limitations, there are plenty of things you can do around your rental to make it more green. Check out these five easy ways to add solar energy to your renter lifestyle: 1. Use outdoor lighting. Regardless of whether you have a yard or just a small balcony, you can use solar lights outside. There ...

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Social Media Guide for Property Managers

August 01, 2014

Remember that Twitter account you made for your business way back in 2012? In case you're one of the thousands of people who hasn't touched your social media profiles in months — or years — the 'ole profile is begging to be dusted off and shown a little TLC. The time is ripe for property managers to take charge of their social media destinies! 5 reasons you need social media for your business... 1. Community: Social media is it's ...

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The Apartment Tour Guide

July 23, 2014

The Tour - AKA, inspection time! After booking your tour through our website or app, it's time to check out your potential future apartment. Don't waste your time! Here are some tips to tour like a pro: Personalized Checklist Create your own ahead of time and bring it to each tour you attend. The more tours you go on, the better of an idea you will have for your future dream apartment. Check cabinets and closets Traces of mold and rodents ...

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Posh Pads for Rent in Chicago

July 18, 2014

Hey, ChiTown! We found the most luxurious apartments in the Windy City. And guess what? They're all for rent right now on Apartment List. Do you dream of having a sauna, yoga studio, rooftop lounge, or SkyPark in your apartment building? Well, step inside Chicago's most posh pads... K2 Apartments We can't get over the luxury items at K2 apartments: a basketball court, yoga studio, outdoor entertaining center, and pool-side cabanas equipped ...

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